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Our Story

As a busy coily-haired African woman, who is not ashamed to admit that she'd rather spend two hours working out or relaxing on her couch than maintaining her sun-baked mane, our Founder, Alexandra Evans, always looked for the ultimate haircare formula to fulfill all deep-conditioning and moisture-locking needs in a single product.

Our Absolute LOC System, which is based on our patent-pending Everlasting Oasis Technology is the result of 12 intense years of deep research, testing the best cutting-edge clean, natural, and vegan haircare ingredients available in the world.

This revolutionary technology does not LOC moisture from the outside through the overwhelming application of lotions, oils, and creams as mainstream products do. Rather, our liposomal system of complete proteins, lipids, and waters forever entraps your hair's most vital actives and nutrients within the deepest layers of your strands, for a perpetual release of their benefits, unaffected by your lifestyle, environment, or the weather!

Join us in bringing about a new age in haircare, and stay tuned for future clean, natural, vegan, and supremely efficient haircare innovations.

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